Child Safety

4 June 2017 | General Interest

At the Catholic Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our parish. We adhere to the Victorian Government's Child Safe Standards and follow the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct for Caring for Children, May Our Children Flourish. A hardy copy of this document is available to view in the Parish office or online at

You can also go to the Bulletin icon under "News and Events'. There you will find the documents: 

1. May our Children Flourish - Code of Conduct for Caring for Children

2. Child Safety Policy

We work to ensure all children, families and staff know what to do and who to tell if they observe abuse or a victim, or if they notice inappropriate behaviour. Our parish’s reporting policy is detailed in full in May Our Children Flourish, (paragraphs 94-115) and provides guidance on how to make a report when there is a reasonable belief that a child in our parish environment is in need of protection or if a criminal offence has been committed.

Our parish records any child safety complaints, disclosures or breaches of the Child Safety Code of Conduct and stores the records in accordance with security and privacy requirements.

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