Social Justice

The Social Justice Group of Our Lady of the Assumption, Cheltenham was formed as the result of the "Parish Dreaming" consultation held in March 2009.


We have a group of 15 members and in addition we enjoy the generous support and encouragement of the wider Church community.

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We see an important role of our group is to raise awareness of social justice issues within our parish community. We do this primarily through the publication of our Social Justice Newsletters. We also focus on the issues of:

  • Justice for refugees
  • Indigenous education through our support of the "Opening the Doors Foundation"
  • Fair Trade, with a particular focus through our support of the Good Shepherd Sisters "Trading Circle”
  • Social Justice Sunday
  • The various inquiries and Commissions investigating sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults
  • Domestic violence, through our support of "White Ribbon Day“

The Social Justice Group meets on the last Thursday of each month, at 7.30 p.m. in the meeting room at the back of the Church.

For further information contact the Parish Office on 9583 6161.


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